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It is against federal regulations for beverage alcohol brands to sell directly to consumers, but Thirstie helps make it possible to buy directly on a brand’s website. How do you achieve this without facing legal trouble because of these regulations?

Thirstie works within the laws of the three-tier system by processing payment from consumers who buy beverage alcohol on brand websites and creates a back-to-back transaction crediting the retailer that has accepted the order.

All beverage alcohol brands that Thirstie e-commerce enables has a compliant, regulator approved disclaimer.  In essence, the brand website is operated by Thirstie, an independent company, and that any orders involving the sale of alcohol will be fulfilled by a licensed liquor retailer on the Thirstie network.

To date Thirstie has had conversations with AGs and SLAs in multiple states and welcomes conversations with regulators.

Laws about alcohol sales differ by state. What measures are you taking to make sure that you are compliant in all states you operate in?

The Thirstie team has worked for years to become experts in beverage law, and regularly consults with leaders in legal and regulatory affairs; many of whom serve on our board. The regulatory diligence process we go through is rigorous by design -- it is not only what our customers demand, but our industry requires. We understand precisely what is permitted state to state and county to county and have built our platform to reflect these legal complexities. As a result, our solution will not permit a customer to even attempt an illegal transaction. 

Although the laws can be quite different state to state, they differ based on approximately 10 different criteria. Our platform was designed to adjust to these different levers state by state, in a highly compliant manner.

How do you ensure that the liquor retailers you work with are also within regulation?

Thirstie is an open platform, a platform that legally any retailer can join. However, retailers have a set of criteria they must meet, including the demonstration of full compliance with federal and state laws, before being admitted to the Thirstie platform.

How is Thirstie’s solution different from other third party e-commerce websites?

Thirstie is the only e-commerce platform specializing in regulated industries integrated with not only retailers and consumers but brands and distributors.

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