Better data-driven decision making

Thirstie-powered e-commerce sites harness innovative components to give brands the greatest access and control of their data. The Thirstie Data Dashboard provides attribution, transactional, and behavioral analytics for optimal data-driven decision making. Thirstie also provides a detailed persona description of customers segmented across a wide range of dimensions, such as gender, income, interests, and buying patterns. Net result - insights into customers’ purchase journey and drivers for better marketing effectiveness.

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Data Dashboard

Provides accurate e-commerce metrics based on user journey data and actual fulfillment, providing precise ROI data.

Data Resources

Thirstie Insights Report: Tequila & Mezcal

Thirstie Digital Consumer Insights, an ongoing data intelligence report geared towards online shopping patterns for alcohol consumers for mezcal and tequila.


Thirstie Data Intelligence: How Gift Cards Can Grow E-Commerce Transactions

The Thirstie Data Intelligence team outlines how gift cards can help grow online transactions. Leveraging industry data around gift card programs, understand how you can grow your brand.


E-commerce Analytics: Understanding Conversions

In this white-paper, The Thirstie Data Intelligence team provides insight into conversion metrics and how to best measure success.