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Thirstie’s solution has been vetted by several regulators, and we are always ensuring we remain at the forefront of this heavily-regulated industry. As e-commerce has rapidly grown within the beverage alcohol industry, the unfortunate reality is that many solutions and retailers have looked for shortcuts around the three-tier system. Make no mistake: non-compliance can put your license, your distribution, and your brand at risk. That’s why at Thirstie, we follow the regulations to the “t”. We take tremendous pride in being the most compliant solution on the market, ensuring our brand and retail partners can trust us not to take any shortcuts that put your business at risk.

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We’ll ensure your online storefront is fully compliant.

Thirstie is the only branded solution that has worked directly with several state regulatory bodies to ensure your online product shopping experience, payment processing, and product fulfillment are all fully compliant within the three-tier system. Licensed entities perform the same functions in our enterprise e-commerce solution as they do in traditional brick and mortar commerce.

Role of licensed retailers that support Thirstie

We partner with hundreds of retail partners across the country who maintain active control over products, services, delivery and finances related to the sale of alcohol.

“Tied house” federal and state restrictions

Thirstie follows the federal and state industry regulations, ensuring compliant separation of our client’s e-commerce storefront operations from our network of retailers, and vice-versa.

Patented fully-configurable technology

Unlike other solutions that are built on generic e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, Thirstie has been custom built specifically for the beverage alcohol industry enabling us to meet all nuanced laws and regulations in different states and counties. Alcohol regulations touch all aspects of e-commerce, from product availability to payments to order fulfillment. Thirstie’s technology lets you rest assured that everything is handled in a compliant fashion.

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